Cycle sierra nevada Scholarship Program

  From 2014 we will be providing a number of opportunities for young cyclists, both male and female, to take part in one of our training camps completely free of charge. Cycle Sierra Nevada will be offering a number of places each year on their Scholarship Program to young athletes in an attempt to assist them in their aspiring careers.

Kris Jasper - Portsmouth north end CC

Who are you?

I am 19 years old and I live near Launceston (Cornwall), England. In the past I competed at county cricket and on the national circuit for Badminton as a junior, travelling all over the country. Becoming county and south west champion in various disciplines along the way, before I retired early and now have turned all my attention to cycling.

Who do you ride for? Training partners?

During 2014 I rode for Falco racing and for the 2015 season I will ride for the Portsmouth north end CC. At home I almost always train alone as there are hardly any cyclists near where I live.

Why did you start cycling?

I first started cycling as added fitness for Badminton, as I used to compete all over the country as a junior and under 19s before I fully turned to cycling and retired from my other sports. I raced a few summer crits in that year (2013) and got hooked. Then I dropped my other sports and did my first full season in 2014, where I learned and progressed a lot in a short period.

What do you love about cycling?

I love the freedom you have, to explore and see roads and many places you would never come across without the company of the bike.

Favourite piece of cycling kit/bike etc.?

Fresh high white socks (a must)

What motivates you?

Knowing I can achieve my goals, I just have to go out and grab it through hard work and being committed.

Key goals for next season?

  • Achieve 1st category status                                       
  • Win first race on two wheels and many more
  • Top 5 National B road races
  • Podium regional champs

Hopes/plans for the future?

  • Gain full time contract (amateur?) for u 23 development team or similar for the 2016  season. Meaning I can take the next step and concentrate on getting the most out of myself and continue improving
  • Keep progressing up the ladder and sign pro contract
  • Continue enjoying riding and competing and then one day help promote sport/ cycling

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