How long can I stay? When can I arrive? Is there a start finish day?

The minimum stay is 3 nights. Most people come for a week arriving and departing on Saturdays, but if the flights don't suit or are too expensive we can accommodate arrivals on other days of the week too.

What is a typical weeks itinerary like?

Usually, five days in the saddle with a midweek rest day. Arriving on Saturday, transfers from the airport, build bikes and optional light spin. Sunday to Tuesday is out on the bikes with a rest day on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday we’re back on the bikes. On Saturday, transfers to the airport and flights home. Please note that we are flexible with your arrival/departure day, allowing you to take full advantage of cheaper flights.

Which airport should I use?

You can choose to fly into either Malaga, Almeria or Granada airports. Malaga is the largest and most preferred airport for collections. Transfers from Malaga to Velez are arranged from 14:00 on Saturdays and return transfers to Malaga are arranged for the early morning on the following Saturday. Transfers outside of these times must be arranged, confirmed beforehand and may be subject to an additional charge.

Private individual transfers to Malaga and transfers to Granada or Almeria are subject to an additional charge.

Can I get a transfer from the airport?

Transfers from Malaga to Velez are arranged from 14:00 on Saturdays and return transfers to Malaga are arranged for the early morning on the following Saturday. Transfers outside of these times must be arranged, confirmed beforehand and may be subject to an additional charge.

Private individual transfers to Malaga and transfers to Granada or Almeria aresubject to an additional charge.

What do I need to bring with me?

We recommend that you bring 2-3 pairs of bib tights/jerseys, 2 base layers, arm/leg warmers, wind vest/gilet, rain cape (better to have it and not need it), hat, gloves, and thermal jacket (in the early season it can be cold in the mountains). It’s always best to check the weather forecast prior to departure. You will also need to bring your own helmet as it’s a legal requirement for cyclists in Spain. It’s also advisable to bring a good set of sunglasses and some sun cream to protect your skin from the sun.

Do you suggest I fly with my own bike or rent from you?

Why bring your own when you can rent a top-of-the-line bike from us? Packing, unpacking and rebuilding one's bike can be too much bother for some. For our guests, we offer 20% discount on the prices listed on the website and we’ll even set up your bike free of charge. You still need to bring your own shoes.

What spares do I need to bring for my bike?

Basically you should bring everything you’d bring on a long ride. The list should include, saddlebag with spares, 3 spare tubes, 1 new spare tyre, tyre levers, mutli-tool kit, and a good quality compact pump. We also strongly recommend that you service your bike fully prior to departure. Ensure that all moving parts are in good working order, fresh brake pads, and that your tyres are free to cuts/scrapes. There are two bike shops in the nearby town of Motril should you need anything immediately.

Do I need to hire car?

It’s not necessary to hire a car for your week’s holiday here, but if you’re coming with a partner and you want to have the freedom to explore the local area in the evenings then you should consider hiring a car.

Is there WiFi or access in the accommodation?

Most of the accommodation has WiFi access but we can’t guarantee it’s availability. However, most of the bars, cafes and restaurants in the village have free WiFi access. If you require internet access in your accommodation please inform us and we’ll attempt to accommodate you in this regard.

What amenities are there in the village?

Velez de Benaudalla is a typical small Andalusian village and it has everything you’d expect to find in small village, a couple of family run grocery stores, a few cafes/bars, a few bakeries selling typical Andalusian pastries, and a couple of restaurants. If there’s something you can’t really do without, you favourite brand of tea for example, we recommend that you bring it with you.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your holiday we require written notification. Our cancellation charges are as follows: More than 60 days before departure: deposit only.  Less than 60 days before departure: 100%. However, if you need to cancel we will always allow our guests to transfer any monies paid towards another date/holiday with us.

Do I need travel insurance?

It’s a precondition that you must obtain your own personal medical/accident insurance for the complete duration of your holiday with Cycle Sierra Nevada. If you’re traveling here from another EU country we also recommend that you obtain an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) prior to your departure for your holiday. The EHIC card will allow you free access to the local doctor should you need non-emergency medical attention. However, please note the EHIC card is not the equivalent of medical insurance and will not cover the costs of repatriation or emergency rescue costs.

I’m worried about being left behind, how fit do I need to be?

To participate in one of our camps a decent level of base fitness is required. The area where we are based is quite mountainous with lots of challenging climbs. Therefore, most days you will be constantly climbing or descending, you will require a reasonable level of fitness before you come to handle numerous days of riding on this terrain. Nonetheless, if you're used to tackling long rides on the weekends you shouldn't really have too much trouble here. It's our aim to cater to our guests needs. This may mean increasing or decreasing the length of the rides to suit the needs/capabilities of our guests. If you have any concerns regarding your suitability please feel free to contact us. The main aim of the week is to go away in better shape than you arrived in and hopefully have some fun whilst enjoying the warm sunshine of Southern Europe.

Do I have to ride everyday?

It's entirely up to you whether you wish to ride with the group or take a day off. There's never any pressure to make you do anything that you feel you're not up to. If you don't wish to go on the longer group rides, there's always the option of a solo short coffee spin to the beach.

Do I have to ride in a group?

It's not necessary to cycle in a group. If you wish you can book the accommodation and hire a bicycle and do your own thing for the week. Although, cycling in a group can be a lot more fun than going solo.

Do you offer deals to large groups, teams or clubs?

We can offer very competitive rates for larger groups of cyclists. Please get in contact with us for further details.

I have a group of friends that want to do our own trip. Is this possible?

Absolutely, we can adjust all of our trips to suit your needs. We also offer discounts for larger groups. Please get in contact with us to discuss a potential booking in greater detail.

Do I have to share a room? Can I come on my own?

It's not necessary to share a room and yes you can come alone. Our prices are based upon two guests sharing a twin room. If you want a room to yourself then a single supplement may apply. Alternatively, if you want to keep the cost down you can elect to be allocated a room mate.

How do you assign the sharing of apartments/rooms?

As the accommodation is based in a variety of  2 and 3 bedroom apartments/townhouses it may be necessary to share an apartment with other guests. If you would prefer to have a single room or your own apartment then there is a separate charge per week for this. Please contact us to check availability and for further details.

Can I bring my family or a non-cycling partner?

Yes, it's no problem to bring your family/partner. Velez de Benaudalla is a small sleepy village, making it very safe for families and young children. There's also lots to do in the surrounding areas making it a great place for short break. Please contact us with any queries you may have in relation to this matter.

How long are the rides?

As the topography here is quite challenging we don’t measure our rides by distance, we measure our group rides by time. The duration of our group rides can last anywhere from 2 to 5 hours long, depending on the ability of the group. Depending on the time of year, earlier in the hotter months, rides depart between 8 am - 10 am and generally return between 1 pm - 4pm.

How do I book one of your holidays?

Simply declare your interest by filling out the booking form and we can take it from there.

When do i need to checkout?

Our check-out time is 10:00am on the day of departure but this may be extended if requested and pre-approved by us.


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