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  The Mobel Sport - Cycle Sierra Nevada Scholarship was developed as a way to sponsor young cyclists that may not have opportunity or financial capacity to avail of a cycling training camp. In this section we take 5 minutes for a chat with one of the applicants selected for the 2018 program.

sean nolan - navan - IRELAND

Who are you?

I am a teenager from Navan, in Co. Meath, Ireland.

What team do you ride for?

Navan Road Club.

Why did you start cycling?

I started cycling as my uncle and dad used to do it and are still currently involved in cycling. After they encouraged me into I found real love for the bike and how it is unlike any other sport out there. I started racing and craved more of that adrenaline rush you get in a race.

Have you any sporting backgrounds apart from cycling?

When I was younger I used to do a lot of different sports such as gaelic football, soccer, basketball and taekwondo. One other sport besides cycling that I still participate in is athletics. I was with a club but decided to focus on the schools championships instead. I love running and find it good to do something other than cycling every once and a while.

What type of cyclist are you? Do you compete in other disciplines, other than road cycling?

I compete in many different disciplines of cycling which are track, cyclocross and mountain biking. I also used to compete in BMX but have since discontinued doing that as I simply don't have enough time.

Favourite piece of cycling equipment/kit?

My Planet X EC130E bike.

Your greatest achievements on a bicycle?

I won the U13 Irish National Road Race Championships 2014. I was also 2nd in the U15 National Road Race Champs in 2016. I have also got a bronze medal in the track national champs in both 2016 and 2017. I have also won 8 leinster medals between road, track and cyclocross.

Your favourite professional cyclist? (past and present)

My favourite professional cyclists from the past would have to be either Eddy Merckx "The Cannibal" or Sean Kelly both for there extreme hard-man attitude. My favourite pro cyclist at present would have to be the amazing Peter Sagan because of his rockstar attitude and different way of doing things

Most memorable moment/stage win from professional cycling?

When Peter Sagan completed the triple world championships crown.

Your favourite stage race and one day race?

My favourite stage race is the Tour de France and my favourite one day race is Paris-Roubaix. My reason for the Tour de France is because of the awe that surrounds this event and the prestige it holds. Paris Roubaix appeals to me so much because of how historic it is. It is also unlike many races as it takes place on rough cobbled roads. Also when someone wins it they are forever known as a great.

What's your current favourite music album/song?

Don't look back in anger by Oasis.

Tell us something we don’t know about you already and you don’t mind the general public knowing?

I also love music. I play the guitar and love singing. I love animals. I have three dogs and two cats. I am a transition year student in St.Pats Navan secondary school.

Hopes and plans for the future?

My short term plans for the future are to compete in the cyclocross and track world champs as a junior. My long term plans are to get good grades and qualifications. Next it is to make it as a professional cyclist.