Digital Marketing Intern

Digital Marketing Intern

Digital Marketing Intern / Tour Guide

So we were into cycling before it was cool, before Rapha, before Pas Normal, but unlike those companies we're not that pretentious or exclusive. We try our best to be unpretentious and inclusive and to welcome others into the fraternity of cycling.

Basically, we love riding bikes, fixing bikes, talking bikes, washing bikes, basically anything to do with bikes and we don't really care if you have the latest fancy gear. However, all of this time with bikes leaves us with little time to update our social media accounts.

TBH, we're not really into "sharing our story", so we need someone to help us to that in a more enthusiastic way. That's why we've created the position below.

The Opportunity:

Basically, the role requires you to join us, cycling around the south of Spain taking pictures, washing bicycles, eating ice-cream and telling our story online. Someone that's interested in photography/new media, a high level of written English and it's as simple as that! A more detailed explanation (written by our boring HR manager) is included below, but if you don't fit the bill exactly please don't be afraid to get in touch.

We are looking for an enthusiastic sociable Digital-Marketing intern to join our team at Cycle Sierra Nevada. We need someone who is easy to get along with, isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, really likes bikes, talking about bikes, taking pictures of bikes, someone who has previously thought about things like saddle and bar tape combinations, and can assist in the writing some blog posts and uploading some half decent photos to our Instagram account.

Naturally enough a subsistence allowance will be offered for the successful candidate because pizza and ice-cream don't come for nothing.


  • Creating content for online platforms (website, blog and social media) maximised for SEO purposes
  • Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels utilising tools and techniques as appropriate including email
  • Development and implementation of campaigns.
  • Helping to run all major social media accounts and our blog
  • Working with our guests as a cycling guide
  • Maintenance and upkeep of our rental bicycles

Required Experience / Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree in digital marketing or currently enrolled in a similar course. No previous working experience is required but you must be able to ride and fix a bicycle if required.
  • Experience with building online advertising campaigns using ad platforms such as SEM, Google Display, etc.
  • Digital marketing – experience in maintaining our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, building and maintaining our content marketing strategy (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Business, data and marketing analysis – analyze what’s working with our marketing strategy, gain experience in Google Analytics in analyzing our web traffic
  • PR – you’ll have free rein to organize and conduct radio interviews and get our name out in articles, the news and across the web.

On completion the intern will have attained skills in:

  • Sales and business development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google keyword analysis
  • Digital content creation
  • Washing a racing bike in less than 10 minutes flat.