Alcazar (Gravel Climb) - 1,046m



  • Length of climb - 12.6km

  • Summit elevation - 1,046M

  • Start elevation - 692M

  • Elevation gain - 355M

  • Gradient (avg) - 3%

Starting in Torvizcón, the first 2km of this climb are surfaced with tarmac, giving you the perfect run-up to the rougher, and more rewarding gravel section to the remote Alcazar.  This route features some steep uphills but also plenty of downhill. 

The gravel is of a kind that requires concentration but not so bad that you can't look around and soak in the wonderful views of this road.  If you are unlucky enough to puncture on some of the larger pieces of gravel, at least the beauty of your surroundings makes a repair here far lesser of a task than normal. 


As you race through the almond trees, over sandy gravel tracks, down to Alcazar, the adventure takes over, with adrenaline and smiles an inevitability here. Upon reaching Alcazar at 7km, there is a welcome water fountain where you can fill up your water bottles.

After Alcazar, you return to the tamer asphalt,and begin the climb up to the bar. This last climb, 4 km in length, and averages a gradient of 6.5%, which can be tiresome. Upon reaching the main road at 12.6km, you have the option of turning left , continuing climbing up to Haza del Lino, where you can stop for coffee and food, or turning right towards Órgiva.