trevelez climb cycling



  • Length of climb - 33.6km

  • Summit elevation - 1,486M

  • Start elevation - 480M

  • Elevation gain - 1,007M

  • Gradient (avg) - 3%

Trevelez, resting at 1,486 metres above sea level, is one of the highest villages in Spain. The village is famous for the quality of its air-cured Iberian hams. Because of the cooler climate- due to the altitude and the village's position within a gorge; conditions for curing ham are ideal.

There are three approaches to the village of Trevelez. While the three vary in length and gradient, they all, nonetheless, take in some incredible stretches of quiet, and scenic roads.  Each approach also offers plenty of opportunities to stop for food and water on the way up to the top. If you can, pick a warm, sunny day to head up to Trevelez; due to its high altitude it can get very cold up there.

It is thought that Trevelez was first settled in Neolithic times before the arrival of the Romans. The village as we know it today is a result of the arrival of the Arabs in the 8th century. The Moors helped to shape the Trevelez of the present; with irrigation systems and terraced fields a reminder of the Moors' influence. Their legacy remains most notably in the buildings of Trevelez, with their square, white-washed design a classic Moorish architecture. 


This approach from Órgiva is 34km in length. While long, Órgiva to Trevelez is not a hard road by any means.  Gradients are relaxed the whole way up, not to mention the frequent sections of flat or downhill which provide excellent recovery. Once you find your rhythm you can really relax and take in the views of the valley floor below you. 

Halfway up the climb sits the village of Pampaniera where there is a huge variety of cafés and restaurants to choose from, should you feel like stopping at this stage of your ride. The hairpins of Pampaniera are the steepest sections of the climb but only last for 2km. 

ya big ham

From the halfway point on the climb eases up, with sections of flat and downhill becoming more frequent. Busquistar is the start of a nice 2km section of downhill before you reach the last few kilometres of the climb. The last four kilometres of the climb are almost flat, with Trevelez coming into view up the mountain before you.  This village is renowned for its cured hams, and the various bars here all have hams hanging from the ceiling.