Sierra de Los Guájares

 los guajares



  • Length of climb - 14.2km

  • Summit elevation - 794M

  • Start elevation - 84M

  • Elevation gain - 710M

  • Gradient (avg) - 5%

One of the closest climbs to our base here in Velez de Benaudalla, the Los Guájares climb is also one of the nicest around.  This climb is reasonably relaxed, starting just after  turning right, off the road from Velez.  

The first 6 km up to the lovely little village of Guájar-Faragüit are rolling, with an easy gradient up until the right turn in the village, where the gradient increases. If you want to stop for coffee on the way up, a cafe sits just on the right  turn in Guájar-Faragüit. The road surface is fantastic the whole way up, and while grades of 10% are commonplace for the last 8km, the road certainly doesn't feel as steep as this. 


The gradient is consistent from Guájar up to the top of climb, really allowing you to get into a good rhythm as you rise up with the sea on your right-hand side. Views down to the valley are beautiful and as you start the final kilometers of the climb, the snow-capped top of the Sierra Nevada rises up before you. With the castle at the top on your right hand side, and the stunning Sierra Nevada ahead, the completion of this climb is truly magnificent. 

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