LA Contraviesa (Torvizcon) - 624m






  • Length of climb - 10.2km

  • Summit elevation - 1,272M

  • Start elevation - 648M

  • Elevation gain - 624M

  • Gradient (avg) - 6%

Starting in the formerly Roman village of Torvizcon, this climb is a tough one. A steep climb with sharp hairpins, be advised to take care if descending down this road.

As you ascend this road the views are second-to-none, looking up the road your eyes are met with stunning views of the back of the Sierra Nevada. In spring, this climb is particularly beautiful, with almond trees and their pink blossoms starting to spread from the lower slopes making their own way up the mountain day by day as the warmth of spring grows. 


As you climb, gradients can rise to over 16% in places, with the only real rest on this climb coming at kilometer 6.7, where there is 500m of slight downhill. The gradient then kicks back up until the 9th kilometer, where there is again the slightest of a downhill up to the junction.

The steep gradients of this road make it near impossible to maintain a low heart rate, this climb being a pretty relentless one.

Upon reaching the junction at 10.2 km you can either turn left to Albuñol, or right, to Haza del Lino for a coffee in Restaurante Haza del Lino.