Haza del lino (orgiva)

haza del lino orgiva cycing


  • Length of climb - 19.2 km
  • Summit elevation - 1,280M
  • Start elevation - 342M
  • Elevation gain - 938M
  • Gradient (avg) - 5%

Though one of the longer approaches to Haza del Lino at 19.2 km, this does not have as many meters climbing as other routes up to the summit. The climb starts at the Seven Eye Bridge in Órigiva, giving you the chance to ride up the other side of the mountain to many of the other approaches that start on the coast. 

The gradient is quite relaxed at 5% and has a number of flats as well as a kilometer downhill  at 12 kilometers in, again making the climb a little easier.

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It is thought that Órgiva originated in Greek times, with mines just outside the town that are said to have been started at least 3000 years ago, by the Pheonicians. Since then, with the mining of lead, silver,and more recently fluorite; over 145 km of tunnels have been cut into the mountain. 

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After 4.3 km take the right turn towards Albuñol. As you climb make sure and take in the stunning views down onto the valley on your left, and onto the Alpujarras and the Sierra Nevada. On your right sits Sierra Lujar and as you climb and start to turn south the Sierra de la Contraviesa will come into view. At Puerto Camacho the sea will come into veiw for the first time on the climb, this is where you'll pass from the the Lujar to the Contraviesa. For a time, as you cycle on the ridge of the mountain, the views are truly astounding. 


As you come up to Haza del Lino, the landscape starts to change, as cork trees and vineyards spring up all around you in an area famous for its wine production.  Restaurante Haza del Lino sits near the summit, a lovely food stop and place to rest before heading back down the mountain.