a quick chat with a young scholar..

  The Cycle Sierra Nevada Scholarship Program was developed as a way to sponsor young cyclists that may not have opportunity or financial capacity to avail of a cycling training camp. In this section we take 5 minutes for a quick chat with one of the applicants selected for the 2016 program.

Name - country

Who are you?

My name is Craig McAuley, I'm 18 and I live in Northern Ireland.

What team do you ride for?

I have been cycling for 4 years and I rode for the Nicolas Roche Performance Team last year. I will be an U23 this year and am looking forward to that

Why did you start cycling?

I usually ride by myself when I am training. On Sunday's I will meet up with a crowd from Roe Valley CC and ride with them but I am by myself through the rest of the week as I train quite early in the mornings and late in the evenings due to my school work. 

Have you any other sporting backgrounds?

I started cycling initially after watching the Tour de France on TV, the year Lance Armstrong came back and finished 3rd and I went from then. For the first few years it was a hobby running alongside my swimming and rugby but then stopped the other sports and started to race. 

What types of cycling do you do and what do you enjoy about each?

It opens up so many opportunities and also allows a sense of freedom. In recent years it has also allowed me to travel across Europe and race in various countries and meet great people that I wouldn't have met otherwise. 

How many bikes do you own?

A white shoe/sock combination!

Favourite piece of cycling equipment/kit?:

Have a strong start to the domestic season then go abroad following the end of my exams go abroad and attain strong results there, hopefully with a win or two along the way! 

Your greatest achievements on a bicycle?

Hopefully to turn pro at some stage but also to keep enjoying it and winning races in the meantime!

Your cycling heroes?

Your favourite training route/coffee stop?

What music do you like?

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

Hopes and plans for the future?: